Wide Lovely Eyes

You wave at the sky with wide lovely eyes

Waves and waves of love goodbye

Through the garden with your secret key

Down the tunnel that leads to the sea

Step onto the beach beneath the iron skies

You wave and wave with your wide lovely eyes

Crystal waves and waves of love

You wave and say goodbye

Your dress sighs with your wide lovely strides

All along the street  and lately the stories abound

They’ve dismantled the fun fair and shut down the rides

And they’ve hung the mermaids from the street lights by their hair

With wide lovely eyes you wave at the sky

And me at the high window watching you ride

The waves of blue and the waves of love

You wave and say goodbye

The night expands I am expanding

I watch your hands like butterflies landing

All among the myths and the legends we create

And all the laughing stories we tell our friends

Close the windows clear up the mess it’s getting late

It’s darker and closer to the end

And through the tunnel and down to the sea

And on the pebble beach your laces you untie

And arrange your shoes side by side

You wave and wave with wide lovely eyes

Distant waves and waves of distant love

You wave and say goodbye