Bad Seed TeeVee Covers Takeover now live

21 August 2020

Bad Seed TeeVee is playing non-stop homemade fan videos on a loop all weekend until Monday (24 August) 10am BST.


Thank you to everyone who submitted covers, we will contact the winner, as chosen by Nick Cave, in due course to arrange receipt of the signed BAD SEED slides.

Amy Greir – (Are You) The One I’ve Been Waiting For

Marti and Emma Morton – Into my arms

Andrew McCubbin – Brompton Oratory

Annie Neil – O Children

Crosby Oz and Bella – Brompton Oratory

Asa Berezny – Loverman

Aston Hollings McClanahan – Skeleton Tree

Barbara Hoefgen – The Ship Song

Bina – The Weeping Song

Bina – The Loom of the Land

Blake Sharpe – (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For

Body Bazaar – Up jumped the Devil

Brittany Hewitt – And No More Shall We Part

Byron Music – Jubileee Street

The Underground Ensemble – The Weeping Song

Chloe Cox – Hold On To Yourself

Chloe Cox – Six Strings That Drew Blood

Christina Lodato – The Mercy Seat

Ciril Zupan and Friends – Into My Arms

Clément Putegnat – West Country Girl

Courtney Askey – Love Letter

Danella Smith Band – The Ship Song Cover

Darya Kochelova – The Weeping Song

The Screwups – The Ship Song

David Boegen – Stagger Lee

David Boegen – The Weeping Song

Dead Writer’s – (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For (Kimono Version)

Decadence of Lust – Jesus of the Moon

Decadence of Lust – Shivers

Elina Marian – Henry Lee

Elliot Sheedy – Christina, The Astonishing

Emile – Into My Arms

Emma Hamill – Song of Joy

Evan Cox – Love Letter

Frank Forest – O Children

Gelareh Pour – Babe I’m On Fire

Gelareh Pour & Tony Yap – Bright Horses

Genco K. Erdem – Avalanche

Giulio Divo – There is a Town

Harriet Rock – Into My Arms

Hattie Cattell – Far From Me

Eco and Henry Hugo – Bless His Ever Loving Heart

Herbert Rinner – We Know Who U R

Herbert Rinner – Wonderful Life

Ian McCurtis – Idiot Prayer

Ilya Gruzden – The Spinning Song

Jack Phemister – Spell

JACOPO MARIA SANTORO – Henry Lee (Italian)

Jake Shane – Fireflies

Joel McLemore – I Had A Dream

Johan Fält – The Mercy Seat

john Corker – Straight to You

Juan Carlos Oyarzun – Girl in Amber (SVLK)

Juldiz – Waiting For You

Kamara Klandestina – Stranger Than Kindness

Katia n trim – Push The Sky Away

Katrine – No More Shall We Part

Kelly Middleton – Jack The Ripper

Ladyship Warship – Higgs Boson Blues

Lala Boosh – Man In The Moon

Lewis Weyman & Jessica Clarke – Lay Me Low

Lisbeth Jacobsen – People They Ain’t No Good

LJT – Red Right Hand

Luanna McCallum – We No Who U R

Luiz Rocha – God Is In The House

Madelaine Empson – Skeleton Tree

Maria Højrup – Bright Horses

Maria Højrup – Into My Arms

Maria Højrup – Sun Forest

Mark Dodson – Waiting For You

Matthew Tiller – No Pussy Blues (Alone at The Wedgewood Rooms)

The Violet Burning – Galleon Ship

Miklos & Johanka – Where The Wild Roses Grow

Miranda Eowyn – The Weeping Song

Naomi Silver-Vézina – Where The Wild Roses Grow

Nat Cahalunin – Brother, My Cup is Empty

The Alter State – Where The Wild Roses Grow

Nikola Krstic – No More Shall We Part

Paul Shine – Push The Sky Away (A Piano Prayer)

Pedro Dascalakis – We No Who U R

Penelope Guilbaud-Greffie – Waiting For You

Pete Gow – Into My Arms

Pierre Vasseur – Red Right Hand Cover (The One Armed Man)

Poosa Melissa – Good Good Day

Ragnhild Hope Birkeland – Push The Sky Away

REV WYN – Messiah Ward

Rhonda Rebelle – Deanna

Ryan McWilliams – Nocturama

Sadegh Nedamati – Cannibal’s Hymn

Sadegh Nedamati – Palaces of Montezuma

Sadie Sarah – I Let Love In

Saint Agnes – No Pussy Blues – (The Quarantine Diaries)

Samantha Bard – Dig Lazarus Dig

Scott Casuccio – Do You Love Me

Scott Fuller – Oh My Lord

The Pleztones – Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow

Seán Mullen – The Ship Song

The Eulogies – John Finn’s Wife

Sonido Sydney – (Are) You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For

Stefani Keogh – The Mercy Seat

Stephen Barry The Dark Seeds – Palaces of Montezuma

Sydney Martin – From Her To Eternity

Till Otte – Skeleton Tree

Tino Boleij – No More Shall We Part

Tino Boleij – The Good Son

Tino Boleij – The Ship Song

Tiny Elvis – We No Who U R

Tom Rabu – We No Who U R

Troy DeRego (Nutfield) – Lime Tree Arbor

unplugged 7X – Are You The One That I’ve Been Waiting For

unplugged 7X – No More Shall We Part

Jovana and Amanda – The Weeping Song

Victor Szabo – I Let Love In

Vincent Hirslund Technology and Women – More News From Nowhere

Adi Yair and Elaad – Jubilee Street

Zane McWilliams – Loverman

Николай Курдюмов – O Children

Galerah Pour – Into My Arms

Kate Torney – Red Right Hand

Max Dopulos – Watching Alice

Peadamonte Records – Nick The Stripper

PJ Brown and Her Resistance – Red Right Hand

Pluvia – The Weeping Song

Roberto Del Aguila – Breathless

The Diminished Minor Chord – Red Right Hand

Tiny Elvis – Push The Sky Away

Tom Rabu – Jubilee Street

Victor Valery – Mermaids

Woody Veneman – No Pussy Blues

Hurley’s Eyepatch – Red Right Hand

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