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A Box For Black Paul
Abattoir Blues
Ain’t Gonna Rain Anymore
Albert Goes West
All Tomorrow’s Parties
And No More Shall We Part
(Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For?
As I Sat Sadly By Her Side


Babe, You Turn Me On
Babe, I’m on Fire
Balcony Man
Bellringer Blues (Nick Zinner Remix)
Bellringer Blues
Black Hair
Black Crow King
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bright Horses
Bring It On
Brompton Oratory
Brother, My Cup Is Empty
By The Time I Get To Phoenix


Cabin Fever
Cannibal’s Hymn
Cannibal’s Hymn
Carry Me
Christina The Astonishing
City Of Refuge
Crow Jane


Darker With The Day
Dead Man in My Bed
Death is Not the End
Depth Charge Ethel
Distant Sky
Distant Sky
Do You Love Me?
Do You Love Me? (Part 2)


Easy Money
Electric Alice
Evil (Silver Alert Remix Featuring Matt Berninger)
Evil (‘The Michael Cliffe House’ Remix)


Fable of the Brown Ape
Far From Me
Fifteen Feet Of Pure White Snow
Finishing Jubilee Street
Foi Na Cuz
From Her to Eternity


Galleon Ship
Gates To The Garden
Get Ready for Love
Get It On
Ghosteen Speaks
Girl in Amber
Go Tell The Women
God Is In The House
Green Eyes


Hand of God
Hard On For Love
He Wants You
Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall Remix)
Heathen Child
Henry Lee
Hey Joe
Hiding All Away
Higgs Boson Blues
Hold Onto Yourself
Honey Bee (Let’s Fly To Mars)
Hyper Worm Tamer (Grinderman/UNKLE)


I Let Love In
I Had A Dream, Joe
(I Don’t Need You To) Set Me Free
I Need You
I’m Gonna Kill That Woman
Idiot Prayer
Into My Arms


Jack The Ripper
Jack’s Shadow
Jangling Jack
Jesus Alone
Jesus Of The Moon
Jesus Met The Woman At The Well
Jesus Alone
John Finn’s Wife
Jubilee Street


Knockin’ On Joe


Lavender Fields
Lay Me Low
Let the Bells Ring
Lie Down Here (& Be My GIrl)
Lime Tree Arbour
Long Time Man
Long Black Veil
Loom Of The Land
Love Letter
Love Bomb
Lovely Creature


Man In The Moon
Messiah Ward
Mickey Bloody Mouse (Joshua Homme Remix)
Mickey Mouse And The Goodbye Man
Midnight Man
More News From Nowhere
Muddy Water


Nature Boy
New Morning
Night Of The Lotus Eaters
Night Raid
No Pussy Blues
Nobody’s Baby Now


O Children
O’Malley’s Bar
Oh My Lord
Old Time


Palaces Of Montezuma (Barry Adamson Remix)
Palaces of Montezuma
Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry
People Ain’t No Good
Push The Sky Away


Red Right Hand
Right Out of Your Hand
Rings of Saturn
Rock of Gibraltar


Sad Waters
Saint Huck
Say Goodbye To The Little Girl Tree
Shattered Ground
She Fell Away
She Passed By My Window
Skeleton Tree
Sleeping Annaleah
Slowly Goes The Night
Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
Song Of Joy
Sorrow’s Child
Stagger Lee
Still in Love
Straight To You
Stranger Than Kindness
Sugar Sugar Sugar
Sun Forest
Sunday’s Slave
Super Heathen Child (Grinderman/Fripp)
Sweetheart Come


The Good Son
The Weeping Song
The Ship Song
The Hammer Song
The Witness Song
The Mercy Seat
The Carny
The Lyre of Orpheus
The Sorrowful Wife
The Curse of Millhaven
The Kindness of Strangers
The Singer
The Hammer Song
The Carnival Is Over
The Spinning Song
There Is A Kingdom
There She Goes, My Beautiful World
There Is a Town
Thirsty Dog
Today’s Lesson
Train Long Suffering


Up Jumped The Devil


Waiting For You
Wanted Man
Watching Alice
Water’s Edge
We Real Cool
We No Who U R
We Call Upon The Author
We Came Along This Road
Well of Misery
West Country Girl
What I Know
When I First Came To Town
When My Baby Comes (Cat’s Eyes With Luke Tristram)
When My Baby Comes (SixToes Remix)
When My Love Comes Down
When My Baby Comes
Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere
Where the Wild Roses Grow
White Elephant
Wide Lovely Eyes
Wild God
Wings Off Flies
Wonderful Life
Worm Tamer (A Place To Bury Strangers Remix)
Worm Tamer


Your Funeral… My Trial

Wanted Man

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


I’m a wanted man, wanted man…
I’m wanted, I’m a wanted man…
Oh yeah…
Ah honey, I’m a wanted man

I’m a wanted man in California
I’m a wanted man in Buffalo
I’m a wanted man in Kansas City
I’m a wanted man in Ohio
I’m a wanted man in Mississippi
They want me in old Cheyenne
Wherever you may look tonight
You will see this wanted man

I might be in Colorado or Georgia by the sea
Working for some man who may not know at all who I might be
If you ever see me comin’ and you know just a who I am
Don’t breathe a word to no one buddy, cause I’m a wanted man

Wanted man in Albuquerque
Wanted man in Syracuse
Wanted man in Tallahassee
Wanted man in Baton Rouge
Wanted man in Arizona
Wanted man in Galveston
Wanted man in El Dorado
This wanted man’s in great demand

If you ever catch me sleepin’
Just see the price flashin’ ‘bove my head
Well take look again my friend
That’s a gun pointed at your head

Wanted man by Lucy Watson
Wanted man by Jesse Brown
Wanted man by Nellie Johnson
Wanted man in this next town

Wanted man by the Boller Sisters
Wanted man by Kid Callahan
Hey Darlin’ don’t you tell me you don’t want me
Cause I’m a wanted man

A wanted man who’s lost his will to live
A wanted man who won’t lay down
There’s a woman kneelin’ on my grave
Pushin’ daisies in the ground

Wanted man in the Windy City
Wanted man in Tennessee
Wanted man in Broken Arrow
Wanted man in Wounded Knee
Wanted man in Jackson Town
Wanted man in El Paso
I got bounties on my head in towns
I wouldn’t ever think to go

Wanted Man in Arizona
Wanted man in Louisville
Wanted man deep in Death Valley
Wanted man up in the Hollywood Hill

If the Devil comes collectin’
Cause he doesn’t know I’m a wanted man
He’d better wear a six gun on his hip
And hold another in his hand

If you love the wanted man
You best hold him while you can
Cause you’re gonna wake up one mornin’
And find the man you wanted, he is gone

Wanted man in New York City
Wanted man in San Anton’
Wanted man down in Lorado
Wanted man in Tupelo
Wanted man in the state of Texas
Wanted man in the state of Maine
This wanted man’s in the state of leavin’ ya baby
Jumpin’ on a midnight train

Wanted man in every cat house
Wanted man in a many saloons
Wanted man is a ghost in hundred homes
A shadow in a thousand rooms

Wanted man down in St. Louis
Wanted man in New Orleans
Wanted man in Mussel Bay
Wanted man in Cripple Creek
Wanted man in Detroit City
Wanted man in San Anton’
But there’s one place I’m not wanted lord
It’s the place that I call home

Wanted man…
Wanted man…
If the devil comes collectin’
He better hold a six gun in his hand

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