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Wild God

Wild God

Wild God

Black Hair

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Last night my kisses
Were banked in black hair
And in my bed, my lover,
Her hair was midnight black
And all her mystery dwelled
Within her black hair
And her black hair framed
A happy heart-shaped face
And heavy-hooded eyes
Inside her black hair
Shined at me from the depths
Of her hair of deepest black
While my fingers pushed into
Her straight black hair
Pulling her black hair back
From her happy heart-shaped face
To kiss her milk-white throat,
A dark curtain of black hair
Smothered me, my lover
With her beautiful black hair
The smell of it is heavy
It is charged with life
On my fingers lingers the smell
Of her deep black hair
Full of all my whispered words,
Her black hair
And wet with tears and goodbyes,
Her hair of deepest black
All my tears cried against
Her milk-white throat
Hidden behind the curtain
Of her beautiful black hair
As deep as ink and black,
Black as the deepest sea
The smell of her black hair
Upon my pillow
Where her head and all its
Black hair did rest
Today she took a train to the West
Today she took a train to the West
Today she took a train to the West

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