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Wild God

Wild God

Wild God

Wild God

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Once upon a time a wild god zoomed

All through his memory in which he was entombed


It was rape and pillage in the retirement village

But in his mind he was a man of great virtue and courage


So he flew out the window with his long trailing hair

The smoke from the bodies went straight up in the air


He was a wild god searching for what all old wild gods are searching for and he flew through the dying city like a prehistoric bird


He went searching for the girl down on Jubilee Street

But she’d died in a bedsit in 1993


So he flew to the top of the world and looked around

And said where are my people to bring your spirit down?


A wild god searching for a faraway girl, who was basically a mirage that nevertheless loomed large


She would hang on to the rail as he blew through the room

And make love with a kind of efficient gloom


And the people on the ground cried when does it start?

And the wild god says it starts with the heart, with the heart, with the heart


And the people on the ground cried when does it end?

The wild god says well it depends, but mostly never ends


‘Cause I’m a wild god flying and a wild god swimming

And an old sick god dying and crying and singing


Bring your spirit down

Oh, we’re wild gods, baby, we’re wild gods

Yeah, bring your spirit down

Well, he’s moving through the flames of anarchy

He’s moving through the winds of tyranny

And the sweet, sweet tears of liberty

Yeah, moving round the world

He’s moving through your body like a prehistoric bird

He’s moving round the world

O Lord, if you’re feeling lonely and if you’re feeling blue

And you just don’t know what to do

Bring your spirit down

Oh we’re wild gods, baby, we’re wild gods

I’m a wild god, baby, I’m a wild god!

Here we go!

We’re going to the cradle of Africa

We’re going to Russia

We’re going to China

To the United States of America!

Yeah, moving around the world

Yeah, moving like a great, big, beautiful bird

Moving around the world

Yeah, he swims to end of the rotting pier

He swims to end of his rotting ideas

Swim to the hymn and swim to the prayer

And bring your spirit down

I’m a wild god, baby, I’m a wild god

Here we go! Yeah, here we go!


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