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Wild God

Wild God

Wild God

Jesus Alone

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


You fell from the sky
Crash landed in a field
Near the river Adur
Flowers spring from the ground
Lambs burst from the wombs of their mothers
In a hole beneath the bridge
She convalesce, she fashioned masks of twigs and clay
You cried beneath the dripping trees
Ghost song lodged in the throat of a mermaid
With my voice
I am calling you
You’re a young man waking
Covered in blood that is not yours
You’re a woman in a yellow dress
Surrounded by a charm of hummingbirds
You’re a young girl full of forbidden energy
Flickering in the gloom
You’re a drug addict lying on your back
In a Tijuana hotel room
With my voice
I am calling you
With my voice
I am calling you
You’re an African doctor harvesting tear ducts
You believe…

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