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Wild God

Wild God

Wild God

Love Bomb



I read the book from back to front
It made a deep impression
Twenty thousand pages baby
I hoped for some direction
I stood before the mirror
I stared at my reflection
I’d almost disappeared
And I made no impression
I went down to my baby’s house
And I sat down on the step
Said 2000 years of Christian history baby
And you ain’t learned to love me yet
My baby looked me in the eye
My nails were bitten to the quick
She said you used to love me all night long
But you’ve gotten so thin and sick

I’m gonna send you a love bomb
I’m gonna send you a love bomb

I read that book from back to front
Looking for some inspiration
I’d been listening to the radio
Trying to find some self expression
I been listening to the woman’s hour
I been listening to Gardeners Question Time
But every thing I try to grow
I can’t even grow a dandelion
I’ve been watching the MTV
I’ve been watching the BBC
And I’ve been searching on the Internet
And I’m getting so thin and sick

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